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If you still held, there must be a possible reason. Unexplained absences, strange phone calls, unusual private life, behavior change, unnecessary arguments any / all of these problems may be a sign of difficulty. It has been our experience over the years that if the situation is important enough to affect your personal, business or financial future, strong consideration should be given to the issue. This is especially important when you have a “gut” feeling that something is wrong or the person is not always open on the activities or issues. Often we do not trust our instincts rather, they are usually very accurate.

Whenever you have problems carry out investigations discreetly.

You should go though the formula of, “Can They?” & “Do They?”

Can They?

  1. Guarantee confidentiality, expertise and experience in your area of concern
  2. Undertake high level penetration, successful negotiation
  3. Provide transparency in their process, claims and leadership
  4. Give you a single point of contact to address any situation

Do They?

  1. Have profound knowledge, ample reach in terms of geography and demography
  2. Have a professionally designed mode of operation
  3. Delve into the details, carry out detailed analysis and interpretation
  4. Ours is the only place where you can find an authentic and high level intelligence and analysis service molded to suit your requirements

Headed by a Senior Ex-Military Officers, our team consists of investigators from all walks of life, who have extensive experience in intelligence work at all levels.

Our Agency consists of investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds i.e. intelligence, law enforcement, government, and information technology. All investigators are required to undergo a professional on-the-job training program conducted by the senior investigators, departmental heads of the organization. We have built up a reputation of being able to understand a clients needs and then provide a remarkable solutions keeping in mind their financial boundaries and time frame.

Yes, regardless of if the police are looking into a matter or not you can retain the services of a private investigator. In a lot of cases the private investigators will work in conjunction with the police and conduct there own detailed interviews and evidence collection. Private investigators have the advantage of working on one case at a time and can apply the focus and dedication needed to effectively solve cases that are still being worked on by the police. An experienced investigator will also know when to “back off” as to not interfere with the investigation, knowing how to effectively keep pressure on the police without crossing the line into interfering is a skill that many private investigators have mastered. It is important to check references and ask detailed questions about an investigator’s experience.

snoopersindia.com investigators will make every effort to obtain video documentation of any activities during a surveillance period. Often there are extended periods of time when the target is not active, during these times snoopersindia.com investigators will normally obtain hourly spot shot’s of the surrounding area to show they are present. You can request that video spot shots are taken at more frequent intervals if desired. The snoopersindia.com investigators will often obtain video of the mail being delivered or other events that can be verified as to the time of the occurrences.

NO, Investigators can not legally obtain phone/text records or emails from a non consenting person. Regardless of if the person is a spouse or child they have a certain expectation of privacy. If these records are obtained illegally not only are they not admissible in court but could result in heavy fines or imprisonment. Any investigator that would jeopardise his career and lively hood to obtain such records is probably not licensed and experienced to begin with. If you need these records it is highly recommended to speak with an attorney and obtain a subpoena for the desired records.

In the majority of cases, private investigators will charge an hourly rate. Hourly rates can vary based on the type of investigation needed as well as how many investigators will be needed. Nearly all investigators will ask for a retainer fee before taking a case. It is unlikely you will find an investigator willing to do just one or two hours of investigative work. Additionally some investigators charge for travel time and/or mileage traveled. It is important to get a retainer agreement in place that details all possible fees in order to protect both parties in the unlikely event of a dispute.

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