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Snoopers India is a leading private detective agency in Delhi – India. We are the most preferred detective agency in Delhi that delivers the best detective services across India. We are skilled to deliver fantastic results through a world-class and well-qualified team of investigation officers who deal with multiple detective services including Pre Matrimonial & Post Matrimonial Investigations. We have a team of male detectives, as well as, female detectives who work with 100% dedication to deliver quality results. We are serving our clients for many years and hence gained excellent expertise to deliver satisfactory outcomes. We are a certified and top detective agency in Delhi and having experience of more than 16 years. We provide all kind of private investigation services at affordable price. We have a team of highly experienced and professional detectives who are committed towards their responsibility of handling every case.

If you are looking for the best detective agency in Delhi, then this is the right place where you can get the solution for all problems. We use the advanced tools and techniques to operate our detective agency in Delhi NCR through which we collect evidence for our investigations. Snoopers India Detective Agency in Delhi has comprehended with experts from different sectors which help us to investigate every matter confidently. There is a diverse personality of people associated with our firm who comes from different backgrounds such as defense, business journalists, legal experts, relationship counselors, and psychiatrists, and so on. The beauty of our top detective agency in Delhi is that we don’t hesitate to deal with any kind of case. It doesn’t matter how complicated the case could be, we stand out with our deep analysis and vast year of experience that leads us to reach the desired outcome.

If you are looking for best detective agency in Delhi, look nowhere other than Snoopers India. We are the top detective agency in Delhi providing solution to your different needs. Don’t ever hesitate to connect us. We provide free consultation over call and make sure that you are satisfied with us. Our motive is to remove the sadness from your face and bring a big smile by providing the best investigation services to you. Some cases like divorce case are very delicate in nature and to be handled carefully. Our top detective agency in Delhi has gained expertise in such matters. Apart from this, we are experienced in handling corporate cases; loyally test investigation, surveillance investigation, adultery investigation, and more. We are highly in demand for our detective investigation service and cover Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Bangalore, Faridabad and many more cities. Feel free to reach us 24×7 at our number: +91 9818882494 or +91-9811280699 or, you can mail us on info@snoopersindia.com


Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Service Provider in Delhi

When you are going to start a new relationship and planning to get married, then you should enquire about your partner. Trust us this is the need of the hour, as thousands of divorce and similar cases are filed every month. There are so many cheaters present in the world and you never know that you can be victimized by these fools. Therefore, there is a need to take precautions before marriage and you must contact top detective agency in Delhi for Pre-matrimonial investigation. Through this, you can get to know everything about your future partner. It will make your decision easier and you will gain confidence of getting married to that person.

You deserve to know the truth about your partner so you should quickly approach the professional and best detective agency in Delhi. Snoopers India helps you to know the truth of your partner. From their personal behavior, financial status, job/business details, family occupation, to any kind of bad habits, we will clarify you everything about your future partner. Don’t get fooled by the fake detective agency who claims to solve your case overnight by taking the initial amount and then they disappear. Choose Snoopers India for reliable pre matrimonial investigation. Visit our office and get assured that we are a genuine and certified detective organization.

Corporate Investigation Service Provider in Delhi - India

Being a business owner, you must be aware of different threats that can damage your brand reputation, violate your rights, and threaten your financial future. All you need to do to get rid of these difficulties is to take assistance from a reliable and Best Detective Agency in Delhi. This will help you to analyze things more easily and you will surely get your business protected from any suspicious activity. Snoopers India is regarded as one of the Top Detective Agency in Delhi that serves the needed business people with outstanding Corporate Investigation Services. Whether you want your employee’s real qualification details, their professional experience, or their connection with any of your competitor, we will provide you everything.

Some of our tremendous services for Corporate Investigation include Asset Verification, previous company records, employee theft, criminal record, past track record, and so on. You just need to get in touch with our reliable experts, discuss your case, and opt for the service that is suitable to you. We at top detective agency in Delhi provide high-quality employee investigation in India after which you can be assured that your company is safe from frauds. By approaching us, you need not worry about any of the investigation aspects that are related to your business needs. We validate everything and provide you with full details of corporate investigation.


Private Detectives Services in Delhi, India - Snoopers India [16 Years of Experience]

Snoopers India Private Detectives is a full-service private investigation agency in Delhi, India. We are providing high-quality, confidential, and cost-effective investigation services (that is our pride).

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Snoopers India, a Private Detective Agency in Delhi is a team of professional matrimonial detective specialists who can help with all matrimonial problems. We investigate family background, financial status, education, job, salary package, a bad habit (if any), criminal record, previous relationship engagement, and so on to make your marriage decision easy.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

If your Spouse’s activities are making you suspicious, then hire us for post matrimonial investigation and get all your doubts cleared within a short time. We can investigate their daily activities and friend circle to bring the truth in front of you. Don’t get worried about your identity, as it will be completely confidential.

Divorce Cases Investigation

Snoopers India Detective Agency is an eminent player in post matrimonial investigation including divorce case investigation. Divorce is very difficult situation of life which has lots of remembrances and feelings of life. We at top detective agency in Delhi handle such cases carefully and provide you with desirable results that help you in winning your case.

Loyalty Test Investigation

If you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on your, hire us for an instant professional investigation service to reveal the truth. We will provide you photographs, videos, audios, and whatever evidence would be possible in that case. We are experts in loyalty test investigation and you can hire us without a second thought.

Personal Investigation Services

We are a qualified and professional detective agency providing personal investigation to clients. We cover all the personal matters like a love affair, friendship fraud, money matter, etc. With our team strength, latest technology, and tools, we can solve personal matters quickly.

Surveillance Detectives

If you are looking for a surveillance detective agency, connect us for best detective agency in Delhi. We will work with our experienced detectives for your case and will provide you best results after investigation. We provide you surety for the best results with accurate information within a limited timeframe.

Adultery Investigation Services

Snoopers India Detective Agency is a Pan India level organization for investigation services in Adultery. We have expertise in Adultery investigation cases. So, don’t worry about anything and leave everything on us for better results!

Financial Fraud Investigation

Protect yourself by calling Snoopers India Detective Agency to handle your financial fraud investigation. We handle bankruptcy fraud, insurance claims, and many other types of investigation related to finance. Once you hire us, you don’t need to worry about the results.

Missing Person Investigation

Snoopers India has effectively solved cases related to missing person investigation where we have helped to locate fraud individuals or absconder. We can easily handle such cases and help clients to resolve their problems.

Pre Employment Investigation

Snoopers India Detective Agency investigates about previous organization name, employee job profile, duration of the job, the reason for leaving, temperament of the employee, academic qualification, professional qualification, etc. These details are important to cross-check to get well-qualified and experienced employees for the selected job profile.

Post Employment Investigation

Snoopers India Detective Agency also deals in Post-employment investigation. Being the top detective agency in Delhi, we have experience in dealing with Corporate investigation. Forget all your worries about post employment verification after reach us!

Employee Theft Investigation

We are popular for corporate investigation agencies in Delhi as we always plan a standardized strategy to trace the guilty employee. With our employee theft investigation, you can come to know about the defaulter in your company. It is crucial to find such an employee to grow your business.

Asset Verifications

Snoopers India Detective Agency is a full-fledged detective agency in Delhi which has extended its services across the whole of India. We are here to offer asset verification services that are essential for every business. We provide asset verification for both individual cases and commercial cases.

Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence is a practical method to investigate the credibility of your business partner. Snoopers India Detective Agency is an authorized private detective agency in Delhi which carries out real information about those companies in which you are investing as a businessman.

Business Interference

Snoopers India Detective Agency has handled numerous cases of business interference and saved the client from huge business loss. If your business partner is trying to cheat you, we would present you with every single piece of evidence to win the case and prove him wrong. Choose our business interference investigation services to tackle such offenders.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide top-notch investigation services all over India and overseas. We don’t only investigate personal matters, but corporate matters also. We aim to assist our clients to our best and bring truth in front of them to prevent fraud, loss, or mental stress. We also aim to provide the best, reliable and trustworthy investigation services to all the clients. .We see ourselves as a leading detective service provider.

Our Aim

Our aim is to satisfy the client completely as believe in providing the best services to our clients. We haweve highly skilled and experienced private detectives & investigators which bring out the best result in all the cases we get. Our team keeps all the information confidential and your identity is never compromised from our end.

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